CASE STUDY: Mr G Ll. Griffiths

"As you know I have had a several challenges to face over the past 3 after having a unicondylar knee replacement operation where I picked up an infection. This seriously disabled my leg and which required a further three full knee replacement revisions over a two year period in order to try and regain mobility in the leg."

"As part of this rehabilitation program to regain mobility I required extensive physiotherapy and exercise program and it was most obvious to me that I was going to need a Physiotherapist of immense knowledge, talent and dedication and resolve to obtain the successful recovery that I was seeking."

"I was recommended by my Orthopaedic trauma consultant to Claire Beeson of Action Physio due to her reputation as a leading physiotherapist in South Wales and immediately found her impact to be profound. By attending a personal session initially three times each week and following a personalized program, including manipulation and exercises the physio centre combined with exercises at home, Gym and Pool and work personally structured by Claire to suit my individual needs I started to make a remarkable recovery to a position that could not have been envisaged at the outset. My leg is significantly stronger and I have regained some 115-degree bend in my knee from a 20-degree start point. The whole bottom half of my body is significantly stronger and I am now even more aware of my posture and balance and how to keep control."

"In short my muscles are stronger, my leg shape has changed and returned to its muscular profile, I have considerably less pain and even when I am unable to maintain my exercise regime the returning stiffness to the knee is minimal. I'm also happy to advise that I've reduced anti-inflammatory and painkillers dramatically, which is excellent."

"I require fewer physiotherapy sessions as I have graduated to 'maintenance' treatments and am now starting to lead a normal life. During all of this period Claire has looked after my general well being, acted as the perfect mentor and has given me enormous encouragement and support to achieve my goals."

"To summarise the great aspect about the Action Physio and Claire is that she is so helpful, professional, knowledgeable, energetic, positive and genuinely interested in how I'm progressing, which makes for a great 'vibe' and motivation."

"I'm so grateful to Claire for such an excellent recovery program and have no hesitation in recommending her, as going to Action Physio has proven to dramatically and significantly improve my life."

"To Claire - a huge 'Thank You' - keep up the great work!!"

Regards, G. Ll. Griffiths