Core Stability Training


Core stability training

Core stability is the ability of your trunk to support the forces from your limbs which enables muscles and joints to safely perform in their optimal positions. Core stability muscles e.g. transversus abdominus and multifidus are deep seated spinal muscles. These muscles act as stabilisers of the spine and create your own natural protective corset.

Research has demonstrated a delay in the activation of these muscles following an episode of low back pain. Reduced core stability can result in overloading of muscles, poor quality joint movement and muscle imbalances can set up. Therefore it is advisable for anyone who has suffered with low back pain to retrain these muscles and ensure they work effectively to prevent recurrence of their pain.

You don't have to have experienced pain to follow a core stability programme. By training your muscles regularly you can help prevent injury and future episodes of pain.

A tailor made programme of core stability exercises can be developed for you, with progression from mat work through to dynamic gym ball exercises depending on your needs.